Organizational Training for ISO 9001

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We train your whole staff, including management and employees, and help them understand their role in the quality management system process.  By doing so, your staff become part of a self-governing improvement system.

Employee Training for ISO 9001 Conformance | Niagara - Hamilton, Ontario

Your Staff Want To Help

A Quality Management System is only as good as the people who need to use it. If they don’t see their role in the process, the manual and QMS have no value.

Revitalize Solutions understands that most employees want to do the best they can for their employers and have the knowledge and skills required to improve processes.

Roadblocks that are created by unnecessary policies and procedures in the name of “Quality” cause confusion and frustration leading, misunderstanding the proper procedures, ignoring the procedures altogether, or finding ways around the procedures rather than being actively engaged in making the improvements.

We Train Your Organization To Know How 

On-Site Quality Training Workshops for ISO 9001:2015 in Niagara, Hamilton - OntarioOn-Site Quality Training Workshops

Revitalize Solutions provides onsite workshops to help all staff understand their contribution to quality within an organization.

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Documentation Audit Coaching for ISO 9001:2015 in Niagara, Hamilton & OntarioDocumentation Audit Coaching

We also provide coaching services to develop audit planning and execution skills, problem solving, and effective corrective and preventative action.

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