Quality Management System Design for ISO 9001

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With Revitalize Solutions, you get the right documentation strategy to improve your ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System design. This helps your team grow, work faster and be in conformance.


The Dilemma

Many organizations have registered to the ISO 9001 standard in order to reach a specific customer or customer base that demands registration. Once registered, they often find that their Quality Management System (QMS), which is intended to improve productivity and efficiency, has become an expense rather than an investment.

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Quality Management System Design & ConsultingThe Solution – Revitalize Your QMS

Improving processes, and the documentation of these processes, enables a company and a Quality Department the time and energy to focus on more value-added tasks such as ensuring the delivery of quality products and services.

Let Revitalize Solutions review and revise your Quality Management System Documentation to ensure it not only meets the requirements of the current ISO 9001 standard but also simplifies the contents for use by all members of your organization.

If you're spending more time updating forms and QMS procedures than actually ensuring that they benefit your organization, then you need a Quality Management System make-over.

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