Case Study – HYDAC Transitions to ISO 9001:2015

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With the help of Revitalize Solutions, Hydac Canada was able to reduce their ineffectual 70-page Quality Manual to 4 pages that specifically conform to the ISO 9001 2015 Standards and significantly improve the efficiency of their Quality Management System.

About Hydac Canada

Hydac Canada, located in Welland, Ontario, provides fluid power solutions to OEM’s, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment.

Before the ISO 9001:2015 Transition Project

Like many organizations, Hydac Canada’s Quality Management System consisted of a Quality Manual (that was rarely used) and Work Instructions, Forms and Records that were used on a regular basis by employees. Over the years, the Quality Manual had grown to contain nearly 70 pages. The new revision of the standard allowed an opportunity to review all of the documentation in their manual and determine what was really needed and provided value to the organization.

As soon as the new ISO 9001 standard was released in the fall of 2015, Hydac Canada was anxious to update their Quality Management System to meet the new requirements. With a registration audit scheduled for early 2016, they wanted to take this opportunity to update a system and manual that had become heavy in documentation, but was not necessarily providing the expected returns.

Following the Project

After a couple of months, the Quality Manual was reduced to 4 pages and an operational flowchart. The Work Instructions, and other documents in use were not changed. The majority of the content of the Quality Manual was to meet new requirements of the standard. This means that nearly everything in the pre-existing Quality Manual provided very little value to the organization.

During the registration audit the auditor commented that not only did the organization meet the requirements of the standard (0 non-conformities) but that the system was much improved.

Hydac Canada was one of the first organizations in Canada, if not the world, to successfully transition to ISO 9001:2015.  It was a pleasure to be part of their success.

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